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Antwerp, Belgium
Royal Ballet of Flanders Audition Royal Ballet Flanders under the new artistic directorship of Sidi Larbi Cher... read more
London, United Kingdom
Female Ballet Dancer Needed for Short Film Cyrus Trafford and Blue Shadows Productions are seeking One Female ... read more
London, United Kingdom
Thursford Christmas Spectacular 2015 - Dancers Audition We use a troupe of 18 excellent all round female danc... read more
London, United Kingdom
Lads of all age, size and shape needed for regular TV & Magazine work in London. Please fill in our applicatio... read more
Auckland, New Zealand
The New Zealand Dance Company (New Zealand) FEMALE, CLOSES: APRIL 28, 2015 The New Zealand Dance Company is s... read more
Belinda King Creative Productions will be holding a private call for professional vocalists & vocalist musicians ... read more
Del Mak
London, United Kingdom
artist development, artistic director, ballet, camera direction, casting, casting dance, choreogra...
 Karl Bynes
Brooklyn, USA - New York
Lyric Writing, Singing, Singing Teaching, Song Writing
Kelly McGill
Virginia Beach, USA - Virginia
Katelyn Cauthen
Pittsburgh, USA - Pennsylvania
Acrobatic Skills, dancer, Ensemble singer
Leonid Goykhman
Wilmington, USA - Delaware
 Mary Beth Hansohn
New York, USA - New York
Ballet Dancing, Ballet Teaching, Jazz Dance, Jazz Dance Teaching